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Quick notice!post that will be deleted in a while, tonight.

IM needsmoarprozac to be invited into a chat, or invite yourself into wrchat.

The question? Should WR deviate from canon? ♥ Please offer your two cents!



If I could do sparkly text, I totally would, but as it is, I can't and it's 4 in the morning, so I said screw it. Anyway! yes, after forever and a day and me being a sucky mod, WR is finally back. With the help of some lovely people, we're getting it set up for people, and hope that you guys come and rejoin. There will be a few more posts to let you guys know in case you miss this one.

Anyway. World Refugees 2 is up and running, so go join the comm!

Ryune posted the cool banner thing to the comms, so I don't have the snazzy HTML and such, but here is the link to all the information. Please read everything and then address questions to me in an email for the quickest results.

Thanks for being patient guys!


Hey all, longtime no see or post.

I just have a few minutes until my next training session starts, but since it is an Earth (No longer That-Was) holiday, I actually got a half hour off today. I was able to E-mail my family, who are hopefully are enjoying Thanksgiving despite my absence, and I figured I'd let you all know I am still alive.

I've gotten a lot stronger over these past few months, hopefully it will be enough.

Well, wherever you all are, I hope you're enjoying good food with people who are important to you. Me, I have to go back and practice my fire spell again until I can flame-broil the Turkey. The 20ft tall Turkey with razor sharp talons...

My teacher has a unexpectedly twisted sense of humor.

Community Update

Shortly after the party in Twilight Town, Sora finally defeated Ansem. KH is now over. CoM will be starting soon.

The Mods

Twilight Town - Halloween Party

Alright, guys, so cup_ramen_chaos and I can't make it to the party tonight because the show we've been working on is opening like...next weekend...and the work ethic of our actors has been less than satisfactory, so we're being forced into emergency rehearsals.


I hope you all have a great time tonight, though!  Don't party too hard!

Twilight Town

It's been forever since I've posted!

As you may have heard, I've been ridiculously busy - what with my own "family" to care for, as well as the art/language/theater departments to run (WTF, Ms. Harburg, why did you delegate the entire friggin' lit department to ME), I've been so busy I don't even have time to sit down.

Anyway, it's been insanely quiet here. I assume the Organization is up to no good, and that Sora is taking his sweet time beating Ansem (collecting puppies? Taking on Sephiroth? Trying to get Mystery Goo out of Mushrooms?), but I know that he'll eventually get there.

Unless our mistake of letting Xemnas see our internets has screwed up the plot DDDDDDDD:

Anyway, Cheryle. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come and apply for the Theater Director position. OMG, I'm about to collapse. There won't be any theater classes this year, but they NEED someone to run the winter and spring shows - Spring is a Musical and that, for me, right now? DO NOT WANT.

Organization, I promise I'll make you some more cookies once I have a moment to sit down and BREATHE. DX.

Twilight Town - Halloween Update 2!!

So, set date for the Twilight Town Halloween Party is Friday, November 9th.  The weekend had been discussed, but weekends become busy, so just join on in whenever you can.

Place:  At scribblex2's apartment.  [[ I think that's where we decided?  Correct me, yeah? ]]

Dress:  Semi-formal.

Colors:  Black, White, and Red.

Bring food, games, and lots of room for fun!

On the double-bright side of life, there's a possibility that the high school might be looking for a drama coach (Ryune's their current one, and I think, from how little I've seen her lately, that schedules are becoming a tad hectic).  So, if it turns out that they'll be looking, I'll be there to interview and *hopefully* I'll have a fulltime job!  Yay!

Twilight Town-Day 141

Hey, everyone. Everything's going pretty well here.
I trick-or-treated for the first time in my life this week. It was fun! (I was lazy and just wore my masquerade outfit.)
I got lots of candy! 8D
Juliana decided to dress up like a witch, Tyler wore black and a mask (he was a ninja) and CT was a pirate.
Also, I was wondering, has Sora finished yet, because I haven't heard much talk about that. I guess he still as some stuff to finish up, or maybe he just wanted to spend Halloween in Halloween Town. :)
Anyways, I'm looking forward to the Halloween Party! (I'll make sure to bring something to it.)
How's everyone else?

((Guess what, everyone? Both me and my brother's soccer seasons are officialy over. I'll have much more time on my hands, and will likely be able to post/participate in stuff more often! Yay! :) ))

Day 140, Hollow Bastion

…a hundred and forty? Oh, smeg.

It's been interesting, being here. Spent most of the time in the library and being awkward around (which mostly means 'worrying a few bookcases away') Belle. Y'know, because we don't exactly know what happened to Beast's Castle before the Darkness took it and all. Haven't really talked about it; I'd kind of sooner spend a few hours trying to make small talk. Not exactly a topic you'd be happy to talk about, really…

Some'f the books here are really interesting. And I'm still kind of astounded by how big the fireplaces are. I knew I should've seen if there were some pinecones to be picked up around the woods, that would've been fun. …And brought a lot, probably.

…um. I should probably head back soon, if it's no bother to anyone. Hope you don't mind if I borrow some of the books, Tenshi, and I guess whoever else is looking after the library. (Who is, by the way? I've had a few too many people yelling at me over falling asleep on an open book to really tell.)

Everyone doing all right out there?

[[ Twilight Town - Halloween Update ]]

Alrighty, guys!!  We've agreed on the party taking place next week due to Halloween-madness and busy schedules.  scribblex2cup_ramen_chaos, and x_eternal_sky, as well as myself, should be able to answer any questions that ya'll have.  We'll have a solid date *hopefully* by Friday/  <strike>If we can ever be online at the same time......</strike>

Once more, dress is semi-formal, so no need to worry about costumes or munny.  Theme colors are Classic Disney--Black, White, and Red.

As jobs go for me, Middle School hell is over, but I'm subbing right now for a fourth grade class...These kids are sooooooo much better.  I'm very glad to be out of the hormone-ridden environment.  SUPER KUDOS to the teachers that actually put up with those rats for a living.......

HALLOWEEN TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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