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Refugees from Planet Earth
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Note: World Refugees is officially over. Please visit worldrefugees2.

Welcome to World Refugees! It's a support group for people that survived the Heartless Invasion of Earth.

Or, more seriously, this is just a fun roleplay-ish thing where you can pretend you were flung onto a Disney World (Or Hollow Bastion/Destiny Islands).

World Refugees. The Earth has been taken over by Heartless, our homes, our families, everything except for the few meanger things we managed to scrounge up are all gone. Those of us who have survived have landed on foreign worlds that look scarily familiar and we’ve found ourselves trapped in a reality that isn’t ours. How would you deal with this situation? Would you give up and die? Would you take up whatever weapon you could find, search for survivors and try to live? Would your heart be able to withstand everything? You won’t know until you try.
Information about this RP:
The FAQ.
Mod post tags.
Community Updates.
Profile for World Refugees.
Profile for World Refugees Logs.
OOC community. Post whatever you like here for the lulz, just try to keep it somewhat safe for work.

Your mod:
AIM: I ceiling sex I
MSN: Chiiaroscuro at hotmail dot com
Email: twilight . path at gmail dot com
The Rules:
Since many of you will be “too long; didn’t read” here are the rules in a quick, easy way. If you come to us with questions without having read the FAQ first, and checking the mod posts for information we will frown at you and be a little irritated but will direct you in the right way.

♦ When posting a new entry, you must write it in the style of a livejournal entry; that is, you are not writing a fanfiction. The logs community is for the actual writing in third person.
☼ Feel free to comment on the posts of other members, so long as you don't go off-topic. (What is off-topic? Talking about how there was drama at school today.)
♦ Post as yourself. Don't go wearing the skin of another Disney or Square character, or that of an OC of yours. Okay? :D
☼ You may end up in any Disney world you wish, whether or not it was included in the games. (Or in any of the non-Disney worlds out there.)For issues about the timeline, be sure to check the modposts.
♦ No anime/other fandoms that aren’t FF or Disney may be visited.
☼ You may encounter Disney characters as well.
♦ You may have anything that you could pick up quickly and carry. None of us will have Keyblades, no exceptions.
☼ To keep track of the current timeline, check the Community Updates tag.
♦ No pimping out other comms for your RPs. This is a matter of survival and if we're trying to protect our hearts, we're not wanting to skip over ads.
☼ If you are going to talk about a different subject under what you are saying as yourself (Ie: "text about something going on" and you want to make a comment like "Going to bed, will write more later" try to put it in (THESE) or [[THESE]] to avoid confusion.)
♦ No drama or I (chii) will beat you in the face.
☼ No god-modding and there are no exceptions. This is another one of those “beat you in the face” situations.
♦ Join the logs community as well as the OOC community, please.
☼ Please have fun! Throw any suggestions in one of the mod posts and we will answer you as quickly as we can~!

Lastly: important links for WR2.
Mod LJ. | FAQ for WR2. | Update section. | Refugee info section. | Reservations and taken characters. | Applications.
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